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UPDATE: Informed Delivery Rules Changed

Three major changes were announced to the Informed Delivery program. Not the promotion, but the basic ongoing ID program. The changes were sort of slipped into the terms and conditions and mentioned during the last MTAC User Group 12 call. MTAC is the Postmaster General’s Mailer’s Technical Advisory Committee, and User Group 12 is the Informed Delivery user group.

Here are the three main points:

• The URL supplied with your campaign must be to a secure site. In other words it must be https://yoursite.com.

• The Representative Image must be:

  • A color reproduction of the address side of the mail piece without an address showing; or
  • The non-address (obverse) side of the mail piece.

The phrase “closely resembles” does not exist in this rule, so plan on making your color reproduction an exact copy of your mail piece.

• The Ride-along Image must include a “Call To Action” (CTA) that syncs to the content of the mail piece or directly related to the promotion or offer contained in the mail piece.

This is different than the promotion requirements. Clarification on this is pending, but a clear CTA is definitely required.

These new rules weren’t communicated very well, but they are effective immediately, which is challenging. Except for the secure site rule, there is no means of enforcement in place, nor will there be in the short term; and existing campaigns are grandfathered in. Overall, they’re not hard rules to follow and they make sense.

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