AB Data

Operations Continuity Update

As an essential business, A.B. Data continues to operate our facilities in Milwaukee, Wisconsin without interruption and with no expected delays in service. All personnel who can work remotely based on their job functions are working remotely from home, production is performing as expected, and we are beginning to settle into our new temporary norm.

In our ongoing effort to protect the health and safety of our employees who are working onsite, A.B. Data continues to follow all CDC, federal, state and local guidance while monitoring and responding to new developments as they arise. Our success so far has been a team effort involving personnel enterprise-wide — executives, human resources, facilities and office and production personnel alike. We’re very proud of this team and the work they are doing together to manage through the change and help our clients’ fulfill their essential missions, supporting each other along the way. Nothing is more important to us than our team’s health and the health of their families and our community.

“The company has also maintained close contact with suppliers and business partners who support us. At this time, we have not had any reports of delays within our supply chain, and we will request regular updates to further insure there are no interruptions where suppliers are involved either.” noted Katherine Versteegh, Senior Vice President.

A.B. Data values our clients and business partners very much. Please contact us should you need anything or should you have any questions or concerns: