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Mail is Getting Delivered

Overall, mail delivery timing is comparable to pre-COVID service levels. There are some delays in large metropolitan areas that are virus hot spots – specifically, New York, Northern New Jersey, and the Detroit area. The delays are ranging from 1-5 days. It appears the worst of them may be behind us, but like everything else in this new environment, that could change. In the meantime, the USPS is managing through the crisis much in the same way they do during natural and other disasters like hurricanes and wild fires. They may close a facility and reopen it later or redirect mail in the system as needed to keep things moving.

Through our partnership with Snailworks, an integrated direct marketing platform with mail tracking solution, A.B. Data offers mail tracking so our clients can monitor, plan and deploy intelligent direct marketing campaigns and business critical communications like billing notices and statements. If you’d like to learn more about integrated direct marketing with mail tracking, contact your Account Representative at A.B. Data or email .