AB Data

Here We Grow Again! A.B. Data Moves Data Services and Digital Print Operations

The Data Services Division of A.B. Data announced they are moving their data services and digital print operations to accommodate their unprecedented growth in the print and mail industry.

In December 2016, office personnel from the Data Services Division of A.B. Data moved into the A.B. Data corporate headquarters on A.B. Data Drive in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The digital print and warehousing operation moved into their new facility on Glendale Avenue just 2 miles from the corporate office. With more than 33,000 square feet of manufacturing space, the new digital print center offers greater opportunity efficient workflow and future growth.

Senior Vice President, Katherine Versteegh, noted, “New equipment purchases and plans for future growth made the move essential in our mission to serve our clients efficiently.”

After some renovations at the Glendale Avenue facility, the print center and warehouse was moved in a phased approach over three weekends to avoid any impact on workflow and client demands. VP of Technology Operations, Deb Rouse, said, “The efforts of the Glendale Development Team were impressive. We worked together on the plan and the transition, and we executed the move in a nearly perfect manner.”

The Data Services Division of A.B. Data provides full-service direct mail marketing, statement processing and bill printing solutions as well as value added services including mail tracking, multi-channel marketing and electronic document delivery.