AB Data

David Norman Named Director of Client Services

David Norman, Client Services Manager for the Data Driven Communications division of A.B. Data, has been named Director of Client Services. This promotion recognizes Dave’s commitment to A.B. Data
clients and the company, his ability to anticipate and fulfill client needs, and his dedication to building a strong, collaborative and successful team. Dave works with internal and external teams and outside partners to ensure we recognize and take advantage of every opportunity to provide quality service to clients.

As Director of Client Services, Dave directs the client-facing team responsible for delivering multi-channel direct marketing and business critical communications solutions for clients in verticals such as insurance, government, financial services, non-profit, health care, B2B and B2C. He is the senior customer liaison responsible for ensuring our clients receive what they need, when they need it; and he is a driving force in the cooperation of efforts between departments within the Data Driven Communications division of A.B. Data.

Katherine Versteegh, Senior Vice President of the division noted, “Dave joined the A.B. Data team as an Account Manager in 2007. He brought several years of industry knowledge and technical expertise to our organization and has continued to build on it ever since. I’ve been impressed by his commitment to our team’s success. Perseverance and integrity are values he clearly draws on every day he comes to the office, and I’m thrilled he is a member of our management team in Data Services. It’s been a pleasure working with Dave these past 13 years, and I look forward to doing so for many more years to come.”

A.B. Data leads the industry in several business categories, most notably in multi-channel direct marketing, business critical communication, integrated fundraising, class action administration, and list management, marketing and brokerage services. Leveraging decades of experience, A.B. Data delivers innovative solutions for clients nation-wide in verticals such as legal, government, non-profit, political, insurance, health care, financial services, B2B and B2C.