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Your Data Is Useless If You Don’t Have a Management Strategy

Entrepreneur.com Have you defined your data governance strategy and implemented operating procedures, rules and standards that are followed daily by everyone creating, managing, analyzing and processing data across your organization? When speaking of the data revolution, bold, interactive dashboards with eye-opening insights come to mind. Behind those colorful charts is a solid data governance system. […]

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Seven Of The Top Leadership Skills For 2020

By Maureen Metcalf Forbes Councils Member Technology, innovation, and geopolitical change are accelerating the need for U.S. companies to get (or stay) ahead of the competition. But for companies to fully evolve, attract the best people, and produce the best products and services, their leaders must evolve too. Leaders who don’t keep up will slowly […]

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Measuring The Impact Of Leadership Development: Getting Back To Basics

Written by Larry Clark for Harvard Business Publishing. Find original article here. In the 60-plus years since Donald Kirkpatrick published his landmark dissertation on the four levels of learning evaluation, there is still great debate about our ability to measure the impact of leadership development. The debate is understandable—it’s much easier to measure things with […]

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Five Ways To Activate Leadership Potential In Your People

As leaders, most of us would like to imagine that we have all the answers. But we’re constantly faced with new and disruptive challenges that we have no idea how to solve. As we turn to our teams to help us develop innovative solutions, there’s nothing more disappointing than seeing them come back to you […]

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