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ANA – Something Old and Something New

Join A.B. Data Senior Vice President, Katherine Versteegh and ANA Nonprofit Federation colleagues at this virtual event for important updates on postal operations, legislation and pricing strategy. Then, listen in on a discussion about donor-advised funds–special accounts controlled by a section 501(c)(3) sponsoring organizations like public charities or investment firms.

The Stalwart Postal Channel and
Donor-Advised Funds

Thursday, September 3, 2020 | 11AM-2PM EDT


A Review and Analysis of Current USPS Operations, Legislation and Pricing Strategy

While mail volumes plummeted, package volumes soared, leadership changed hands, and COVID-19 presented a whole slew of unprecedented challenges for the U.S. Postal Service; the agency has for the most part held their own during the crisis, and they have earned a newfound appreciation among the American people, Congress, and others. Change is needed, however, to get the USPS on a positive trajectory for the future. To that end, Postmaster General Louis DeJoy has pledged to focus on change he believes is necessary to improve the Postal Service’s financial position and the agency’s ability to serve the American public, including managing the increase in vote-by-mail volume that is expected as we head into election season.

How will all of this impact our industry and our direct mail fundraising efforts? What can we do to protect our own mission in the future?

Be sure to sit in on this review and analysis of current USPS operations, legislation and pricing strategy. Learn how developments in these areas could impact your business and what you can do now to start planning for the future.


Senny Boone
Senior Vice President

Katherine Versteegh
Senior Vice President
A.B. Data, Ltd.

Phil Claiborne
Director of Circulation
The Elks Magazine

Something New and Something Old: Let’s Reverse the Lens – Donor-Advised Funds

This discussion centers around the donor-advised fund-a special fund or account set up for charitable purposes that can facilitate large donations and are controlled by section 501(c)(3) sponsoring organizations like public charities or investment firms.



Jack Doyle
President and CEO

Amy Pirozzolo
VP, Marketing
Fidelity Charitable